On IPv6

What the hell is IPv6, and why should I care? It’s the next generation of Internet protocol. You’re probably heard that the world has pretty much run out of IPv4 addresses. Sure, four billion sounded like a lot of endpoints when it was first drafted, but absolutely predicted this sort of growth. In layman’s terms,… Continue reading On IPv6

How to Bypass the Herald Sun’s Paywall

It’s pretty simple to circumvent. Just change the hostname in the URL from “heraldsun.com.au” to “news.com.au” (or any other News Limited publication that doesn’t paywall their content) and load the page. The reason for this (as I mentioned before) is that all of these publications run on the same instance of the same content management… Continue reading How to Bypass the Herald Sun’s Paywall

Micallef Has a Point

I’m just making a quick post in reference to a little skit that you may have seen tonight on Mad as Hell. The sketch simultaneously interviewed reporters from five different News Limited publications, asking if the concentration of media left us with too few voices. They all supplied the exact same response in unison, claiming… Continue reading Micallef Has a Point

Securing your Online Polls

Whether you’re polling the opinion of your reader base, taking votes for an award or running a competition on your website, you probably have some concerns about your system being abused by the hate machine we call the internet. Someone may skew a poll to sway the public perception of popular opinion; Some prize pig… Continue reading Securing your Online Polls