Micallef Has a Point

I’m just making a quick post in reference to a little skit that you may have seen tonight on Mad as Hell. The sketch simultaneously interviewed reporters from five different News Limited publications, asking if the concentration of media left us with too few voices. They all supplied the exact same response in unison, claiming that they were all unique publications, and did not all say the same thing.

“…For example, the Daily Telegraph expresses news in a completely different way from the Herald Sun.”

If only he knew how right he was.

Here’s a game you can all play at home: pick any article from any News Limited publication, and change the domain name in the url to a different News Limited publication. Here’s what you’ll get:

One server. One IP address. One content management system. Seven “publications”.






3 responses to “Micallef Has a Point”

  1. Mark

    I was saw that a fairfax article had exactly the same as news limited.

    Sports article though.

    1. admin

      Another fun thing to do:
      – Select a block of text (about 1 sentence) from a news article.
      – Copypasta it into Google.
      – Instantly find 10 publications that have republished the article.

      MX is the worst. 90% of their material is blatantly plagiariased from AFP or Reuters.

  2. […] that doesn’t firewall their content) and load the page. The reason for this (as I mentioned before) is that all of these publications run on the same instance of the same content management […]

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