Hacking the Realtek DVB RTL2832U into Linux by hand

I originally found a patch for 3.8 kernel on the web. It seems I can’t find it on the web any more, and the kernel has changed slightly since then. I had to change how an enum was referenced to get it working in Linux 4.2.

Update 22nd Feb 2017: I had to update the patch to work on a 4.8 kernel. The 4.2 patch can still be found here.

Here’s the original instructions I found on the net (copy/pasted here).

sudo apt-get install linux-headers-`uname-r`
sudo apt-get install libproc-processtable-perl
mkdir dvb-2832u
cd dvb-2832u
git clone git://linuxtv.org/media_build.git
cd media_build
cd linux/
patch -p1 < ../dvb-usb-rtl2832.patch
cd ..
make allmodconfig
sudo make install

It’s a bit of a pain when a kernel update comes through. After rebooting to the new kernel, you need to edit the following file and update the version number to the currently running kernel:


Then rebuild and install:

sudo make install

…and reboot.

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