Every Automated Billing System Ever is Shit

This is a part of the world that I don’t understand. There are so many companies out there who need to perform the simple task of measuring the service they provide and billing it at a set interval. I really don’t think I’m being naive when I say it’s a simple task – I’m a software engineer, and throughout my career, I’ve written ledger interfaces for a 30 billion dollar super fund, reverse-engineered communications protocols for dozens of devices, and written code for everything from firmware to websites on many major platforms. While possessing the capability to develop literally any of the billing systems I deal with month-to-month, I often find myself unable to perform the simplest of tasks.  I’ll start with the absolute worst.
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On IPv6

What the hell is IPv6, and why should I care?

It’s the next generation of Internet protocol. You’re probably heard that the world has pretty much run out of IPv4 addresses. Sure, four billion sounded like a lot of endpoints when it was first drafted, but absolutely predicted this sort of growth. In layman’s terms, the v4 internet is full, and we need to build a bigger one.
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